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Who Do I Vote For 2010 Westminster Sack Race

About Who Do I Vote For?

grab your sack

The original is back!

Hectic though the office was in the run up to the 2001 election, we allowed ourselves a little time to debate who to vote for and why.

Although, naturally, we are all accomplished browsers, it turned out that we were a bit short of decent answers to our own questions. So we decided to try to help like-minded people, who might be searching for some real insights into what makes politicians tick.

We had soon designed and developed the Who Do I Vote For? website and emailed the address to our friends and contacts. It was a brilliant success! Not only did they find answers to many of the questions they had been asking, but we received some great reviews across the media. And not only had people enjoyed the fun, but they had found the whole experience very educational.

Who Do I Vote For? Returned in 2005, as the Westminster Derby based on a horse racing theme.

For this election, we’ve used the same successful concept - in which people can see which party best represents their views and ideologies - but this time you decide who gets the sack!

Others have copied the idea and even got close to the name, but there is only one original Who Do I Vote For? We hope that you enjoy the experience and pass it on to your friends and colleagues.

The questions in Who Do I Vote For? have been written by an independent writer. We must point out that neither he nor we are biased towards, or funded by, any political party.

Who Do I Vote For?